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Unlike much of the health information available on the Internet, we believe that clear separation between the editorial content and sponsorships/advertising is essential to providing accurate and unbiased information. We are also selective in the sponsors and advertising we accept.

Our sponsorship and advertising policy, which applies to and our newsletters, is as follows: maintains a clear separation between editorial and sponsorship/advertising process and decision making; current or potential sponsors and advertisers may not dictate the form or substance of the editorial content appearing on

  • Single largest independent site targeted to people with chronic pain conditions
  • Delivers 100% original, physician peer-reviewed content to a highly motivated audience
  • Engages a dual targeted audience through award winning health content, community and patient forums, and expert advice
  • Nearly 7,000,000 unique visitors per month and 19,000,000 pageviews per month
  • Above average ad click through rate of 0.3%-1%
  • Offers highly tailored multi-media opportunities that can be combined into an integrated media experience for relevant categories and select brands

The team is committed to delivering significant value for advertisers.
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