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Hypothermia is a condition where the body temperature drops below 35°C. When the body temperatures drops that drastically, it results in the heart, chest and other important organs not working properly. This generally happens in older adults or younger children. There is primary hypothermia and secondary hypothermia
Primary hypothermia is caused by things such as not wearing enough clothes when its cold outside, staying outside in the cold for a lengthy period of time, falling into ice cold water or living somewhere without enough heating that’s too cold. A lot of homeless and mentally ill people are prone to get this because of their living conditions.
Secondary hypothermia is caused when the body temperature drops due to another disease in the body. Your body temperature will still drop even in mild conditions because the body’s heat balancing system is not working properly. People with illnesses, such as a stroke or low blood sugar are prone to being hypothermic in mild conditions.


The most common symptom of hypothermia is shivering even though it is a good symptom as it signifies that your body is still working properly. Other symptoms of hypothermia include, slow breathing, extreme tiredness, slurred speech as well as a slow pulse.