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Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is a very common problem that seems to affect women more than it does men. It is a condition where your digestive system and stomach are affected resulting in stomach pains and various other symptoms.
The actual cause of it is still unknown but it isn’t a life-threatening problem. Many things have been linked to IBS, such as food passing through the digestive system too quickly, oversensitive nerves, it has been related to stress and it could also be hereditary. IBS can develop if you have had a previous infection, such as, gastroenteritis or some other bacterial infection. It can also be provoked by stress and your diet. The fact that women suffer with it more than men can also signify that hormones affect it in some way. There are many elements linked to IBS which is why it is so difficult to find the exact cause.
It can be something that will stay with you for life and have a big impact but, through medicines and a change of diet, the problem can be controlled.


There are quite a variety of symptoms that you may experience if you suffer with IBS that include stomach pains such as cramping or bloating, constant diarrhoea or constipation or alternating between the two, noticeable changes in bowel movements, excess gas, as well as intolerance to certain foods. However, the most common symptoms people experience are the stomach pains and bloating.