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Obesity is a condition where there is excess fat in your body and your weight is much greater than the weight considered healthy for your height. Someone with obesity can suffer from a lot of other health problems brought on by obesity, such as, diabetes, high cholesterol, strokes, heart attacks, heart disease, high blood pressure and it is even thought that obesity can increase the risk of certain cancers, such as cancer of the colon and breast cancer.
The main causes of obesity are diet, lack of activity and it can also be genetic. If someone doesn’t eat correctly and eats just mainly fatty foods, they are at risk of becoming obese. If you are taking in a lot more calories than you are working off due to not being very active, this can lead to obesity which is why daily exercise is very important. If you are born to parents who suffer with obesity, this also makes you more prone to becoming obese. Certain medications, such as anti-depressants can also lead to obesity as well as psychological issues and diseases, such as polycystic ovaries.


If someone is obese, they could be experiencing problems, such as, extreme tiredness just doing everyday normal activities, slower breathing, pains and aches in their body, increased sweating and the feeling of loneliness and isolation.