Practical Gifts That Help Ease the Pain

Finding just the right gift for someone with chronic pain is often a challenge for friends and loved ones. Try sharing this list to help gift-givers know what you’d like.

woman getting massageA gift card for a massage could be a beneficial gift option for someone with chronic pain.

Inexpensive gift options for people with chronic pain

A gift doesn’t need to be expensive to be useful. Several items that can help a person in pain be more independent or comfortable include:

  • Extension shoe horn to avoid painful bending
  • Long-handled brushes or combs
  • Padded lap desk
  • Reachers, also called grabbers, to pick up items that have fallen or are too high up to reach otherwise
  • Fluffy seat belt covers for people with pain in the upper body
  • Microwaveable heat wraps
  • Swivel seat for getting out of a car seat without painful twisting
  • Relaxation CDs and DVDs
  • Ergonomic keyboard or mouse
  • Folding cane

Some of these items can be found at your local drugstore, a medical supply store, or automotive products retailer, as well as online. If it’s important for the fabric on a product to be soft, it may be best to shop in a store, rather than go online, to be sure the product won’t irritate the skin.

Gifts for shower and bath comfort

A long, hot bath or shower can make everyone feel better. These products are likely to enhance the experience:

  • A hand-held attachment for the shower, allowing the person to sit
  • A cushioned bath pillow or cushioned shower seat for long soaks
  • A sturdy grab bar or two
  • Bath soaks, such as eucalyptus and Epsom salts, but check about scent sensitivities first. Scented items sometimes trigger symptoms for people with migraine headaches or fibromyalgia.

More expensive gifts

Gift-givers with a bigger budget may want to consider one of these items:

  • Rolling walker with a built-in seat and backrest allows the person to stop and take a rest if needed. Having the option to sit down allows the person to be venture out more. Some walkers have a basket and/or bag for carrying extra items. Walker covers in everything from leopard prints to camouflage styles can be purchased separately to customize the walker.
  • Blackout curtains for people who are sensitive to light can help ease symptoms and allow people to sleep more soundly.
  • A padded portable power seat, also called a seat assist, makes getting out of a chair more comfortable. These seats may be easiest to find online or at a specialty store.
  • Gift cards for a massage, manicure/pedicure, housecleaning, or a restaurant (especially one that delivers) are often welcome options.

Sometimes a personal IOU or homemade gift card is the best present of all. A gift card for dog-walking, snow-shoveling, a couple hours of babysitting, or running some errands can be just what a person needs.