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Tendinitis is elbow strain – “inflammation or irritation of a tendon”, in medical parlance. It doesn’t just manifest itself in the elbow. It can arise in the shoulder, in the knee, in the Achilles Tendon, in fact anywhere where there is a tendon.
Exactly where it will arise is largely dependent on the type of exercise carried out in one’s daily life. Tendinitis might flare up with a dancer in the ankles while for a swimmer, the shoulder would be a more likely part of the body to suffer from it.


Different symptoms can warn a person of the onset of Tendinitis. They might feel a general ache, or they might feel a certain stiffness in the joints or might experience a swelling, possibly with a sensation of heat. In some cases, the area around the affected joint may appear visibly knotty. In this situation pain is usually worse during exercise or just after. Stiffness tends to set in the following day.
Tendinitis usually clears up in a few months. However, it can develop into chronic Tendinitis. This is called Tendinosis.
Many people report the onset of Tendinitis at stressful times in their lives and it is quite possible that in many instances the condition is stress-related.