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Urinary Stone

Urinary stones, also known as a kidney stones are formed when certain chemicals build up in the body. These chemicals include, calcium, ammonia and uric acid. These cause a change in the normal balance of minerals that are found in urine and it can make the urine very concentrated. They are also formed when someone doesn’t drink enough fluids. They are very small stones but can cause such severe pain to someone, the pain is thought to be worse than that of childbirth. The most common cause of kidney stones is thought to be though a lack of water in the body because if the body doesn’t have water it is unable to dilute the uric acid. Other causes can be due to urinary tract infections, Crohn’s disease, certain medications and someone who has experienced one kidney stone is more prone to having them again and it could be something that runs in the family. Obesity, high blood pressure and IBS also contribute.


Kidney stones do not really show any symptoms until they have moved to the ureter, which is when it can become excessively painful. Apart from the severe pain someone may get in their groin, people that suffer with them may experience burning when they urinate, the constant urge to urinate, blood in the urine, less urine than normal and a fever.