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Lupus is like seeing the body score a home goal. It is an autoimmune disease whereby the body’s own immune system attacks itself.
It can cause inflammation internally, in the heart, lungs or kidneys (it can even affect one’s blood cells) or it can manifest itself externally notably on the skin. This frequently, but not always, appears as a rash straddling both sides of the face.
Lupus develops in a different way. Sometimes it arises very quickly; sometimes it develops over a period of weeks or months. Most people who suffer from the condition experience flares whereby the disease calms down for a while, sometimes appearing to disappear completely then flares into activity again.


If the symptoms are external, apart from the rash across the face, skin lesions appear in many cases, especially when a person is exposed to strong sunlight. Pains can be experienced in different places. One can have chest pains, joint pains, and fingers and toes can even turn white in the cold. Fatigue, headaches, mental confusion, short breath, and dry eyes are some of the most common symptoms of Lupus. Infections can sometimes set Lupus off or encourage a recurrence. Because Lupus usually weakens the immune system, it does increase the chances of other ailments starting up also.