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Osteoporosis is a weakening of the bones that leads to them going brittle. As a result, they can easily break during a minor fall, or even as a result of coughing.
Bone cells are in a constant state of renewal. Old bone cells die, and new ones come into being. As one gets older the rate of renewal slows down. When one is young, new cells are created faster than old ones die, and bone mass is built up. It reaches its peak at around the age of 20. If you have built up good reserves of bone mass when you are young you have a better chance of avoiding osteoporosis when you are old.
White and Asian women past the age of menopause, are more prone to suffering from Osteoporosis than are other people. Both men and women with a small frame are also at greater risk (regardless of their race).
It is possible to combat the onset of Osteoporosis, and even improve weakened bones, by good diet and exercise. Some medicines also claim to help.


One of the symptoms of Osteoporosis is a reduction of one’s height. Other symptoms include stooping, a tendency to fracture bones easily and pain if you suffer fractures.