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Chest pain

If somebody is experiencing chest pain, this could be caused by a number of reasons. Chest pains could signify that there is a problem with your heart, such as, a heart attack or angina. They can also be caused by lung related illnesses, such as a collapsed lung and pleurisy or muscle and bone reasons, such as, sore muscles or a rib injury or digestive reasons, such as heartburn and stomach problems. If you are having stomach problems, the pain that you are feeling could radiate to your chest. If it is something that is ongoing though, you should see a doctor immediately.


Generally, when someone is experiencing chest pains, the most common symptom is tightening of the chest and shortness of breath However, the symptoms can also be very different depending on what is triggering the pain. If it is a heart related issue, the symptoms are more likely to be pressure and tightness of the chest, you may experience vomiting, weakness and shortness of breath as well as cold sweats. If it is due to a lung issue, such as, pneumonia, you may experience a lot of coughing as well as cold sweats and shortness of breath.