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The dangers of Hypertension, or High Blood Pressure, are fairly generally understood, but Hypotension or Low Blood Pressure can also be accompanied by undesirable symptoms, but not always. Temporary Low Blood Pressure can be brought about by something as simple as dehydration from too much sun.
A Systolic (the pressure of blood vessels when the heart is pumping blood through the arteries) measure of less than 90 and a diastolic (when the heart is relaxed in between beats) measure of less than 60 are generally considered abnormally low readings.
Low Blood Pressure can be accompanied by the following adverse symptoms: Dizziness, an inability to concentrate, nausea, fatigue, blurry vision. Very low Blood Pressure can result in conditions of shock. Symptoms that are manifested include rapid and shallow breathing, a weak pulse, a cold and clammy skin and mental confusion. These are signs of extreme danger and medical attention should be urgently sought if the symptoms are experienced.
Many people can have what would normally be considered Low Blood Pressure without considering any adverse side effects. In such cases doctors tend to just monitor people carefully, but not take any remedial action unless some of these symptoms start to present themselves.