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Chronic Renal Failure

Chronic renal failure, also known as chronic kidney disease is a condition where the kidney will gradually stop being able to function or work properly. Rather than filtering the wastes out your body, when the kidney stops functioning, the waste will build up. It occurs when another medical condition or illness, such as, diabetes, high blood pressure (which are the two main illnesses), constant kidney infections or interstitial nephritis, damage the kidneys. Older adults are more prone to kidney failure than the young but other factors that contribute and could put someone at risk include, smoking, heart disease, obesity and having a family history of it.


A lot of people do not experience symptoms at the beginning but start to have them when it has progressed and become more advanced. Some of these symptoms include: the constant urge to urinate, swelling in the feet and ankles, the skin can become dry and itchy, tiredness and weakness, insomnia as well as loss of appetite. The more it progresses, the worse the symptoms can get and it can lead to heart disease, anaemia, weak bones, fluid retention and it can cause severe damage to the nervous system.