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Eczema is a skin disease that will leave you with patches of skin that become rough and inflamed with blisters. The blisters can ooze and bleed which results in a lot of painful and itchy skin. It is a very common problem that is prone to developing in babies and children. There are many skin problems that can cause eczema that include Atopic dermatitis, scabies or fungal infections, amongst others. It can also be caused by the immune system not functioning properly, environment and certain activities that may result in the skin becoming more sensitive. It can also run in the family. However, eczema is not contagious even if you come into contact with someone that has it


There are a lot of different symptoms to eczema, depending on what type you have but the most common symptom for all types is itchiness of the skin. For the majority, it is only mild but as it progresses it can be very extreme causing the skin to swell and bleed which will worsen the eczema. People will also suffer with dry skin, scaly patches, inflamed skin and dark patches on the skin. All these symptoms can be mild or intolerable depending on the type and severity of eczema.