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Insomnia is a disorder that makes it hard to fall asleep, stay asleep, causes you to wake up early and unable to fall back asleep again. Insomnia can happen on its own and without a trigger but there are also a lot of conditions that can cause insomnia, such as, emotional and psychological stress, pain, heartburn as well as restless leg syndrome. Other causes that may trigger insomnia include, changes in hormones, neurological diseases, poor sleeping habits (irregular bedtime, random daytime naps), eating or watching TV before bed, over-consumption of caffeine, certain medications can affect your sleep routine, mental disorder (such as bipolar disorder, clinical depression or post traumatic stress disorder), traumatic life events or heavy drinking and substance abuse. Insomnia tends to affect adults that are older than 65 and it usually affects women a lot more than men but it can also affect younger adults.


Having difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep is not the only symptom that insomnia sufferers experience. Other symptoms include, waking up too early, falling asleep during the day (this is very dangerous if it happens whilst you are driving), moodiness and depression or anxiety, difficulty concentrating, focusing or remembering things and just generally not feeling rested or refreshed.