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Gastric cancer

Gastric cancer (also known as stomach cancer) is the condition where irregular cells appear in the lining of the stomach. There are many causes and risk factors linked to this, the most common cause being Helicobacter Pylori which is a bacterium that grows and eventually attacks the stomach lining. It is a common bacterium that causes infection, it is not known how or why this bacteria spreads but it is believed that they spread from one person’s mouth to another. Other factors that can provoke the situation is gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), pernicious anaemia (vitamin B12 deficiency due to the immune system attacking the cells in the stomach) smoking, bad diets and obesity. It can also be a hereditary issue.


Gastric cancer is difficult to diagnose at first as the symptoms can be related to other illness and disorders in the early stages. An early symptom that is related is heartburn, especially if it is something that you do not regularly suffer with. If the cancer has progressed and spread, it can cause bloating, stomach pains, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, weight loss and fatigue. If you are experiencing abnormal heartburn regularly or indigestion, it is recommended that you go to see your doctor immediately.