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Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome, which is also referred to as ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) is a complicated disorder that is not only difficult to diagnose but the causes of it is also unknown. This disorder did cause a lot of controversy at the beginning as doctors were not sure that it was an actual illness but it has now been recognised as a medical illness. It is a disorder that makes you feel extreme fatigue or tiredness for unexplainable reasons or by a medical condition that you are not aware of. People that suffer with this disorder feel their condition and fatigue worsening after physical or mental activity. Some causes associated with chronic fatigue are viral infections, psychological stress, hormone imbalance as well as a weak immune system or it could be a combination of everything together rather than just one thing.


Fatigue or feeling tired can be associated with a lot of things and just general day-to-day life but apart from the fatigue, a few other symptoms that people with chronic fatigue may experience are swollen lymph nodes, headaches, loss of memory, unexplained muscle pain as well as muscle weakness and slower reflexes and dizziness.