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Dry skin

Dry skin is a very common condition that affects both males and females but tends to affect older people a lot more than it does younger people. It is a condition that can cause your skin to flake, crack or have dry patches.
Normally, the skin is protected with fatty oils but when someone has dry skin, this signifies that the skin is being starved of these oils for external or internal reasons. External causes of dry skin can be due to the weather (dry or cold temperatures), allergies or over use of certain soaps, low humidity and even the material of clothes can affect it. The most common problem is using certain or harsh soaps as each time you use them to wash your skin, you are removing the essential, fatty oils that it needs. Internal causes of dry skin include age, family history and if there has been a history of atopic dermatitis.


The most common and most irritating symptom of this condition is itchiness. The most common places you are likely to be itchy are the arms, legs or hands. Your skin may start to flake or crack and sometimes, the skin cracking can result in it bleeding. The skin may begin to feel tight and it will start feeling and looking rough.