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Leukorrhea (from the Greek “leuko” meaning “white”) is a thick white or yellow-green discharge. It usually results from an imbalance of estrogen and frequently occurs just before a girl has her first period, when her hormones are in a state of flux.
It can be brought on by other causes such as infection, or inflammation of the vaginal mucosa. It can be bought about by parasitic organisms called “trichonomads”. It can appear after childbirth if the body has not correctly returned to normal after the changes brought about by childbirth. Leukorrhea can be caused or aggravated by sexually transmitted diseases. Often it will be accompanied by a strong unpleasant odour, especially when occurring after childbirth, but it can also be odourless.
Leukorrhea is not necessarily a sign of ill health. It can even be a sign that the vagina is being provided by nature with a way of keeping itself clean. However, if Leukorrhea appears it is advisable to have it checked out. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if a vaginal discharge is Leukorrhea or a yeast infection such as Thrush. It can be accurately diagnosed by studying a sample of vaginal discharge under microscope.