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Athletic foot

Athlete’s foot (also known as tinea pedis) is an infection of the feet that is brought on by fungus. Males tend to suffer with athlete’s foot more than females and it occurs more frequently in children than it does with adults. It is caused by various different fungi and is very contagious so you can get it by coming into contact with someone else that has it or if there is fungus in the environment. The most common places where people get infected are at swimming pools and changing rooms. Someone is more prone to catching it if they walk around barefoot in public places, if they suffer with sweaty foot as well as wearing tight shoes that don’t allow the foot to breathe or if they share socks with someone that is infected with it. Athlete’s foot will mainly occur between your toes but also on the soles of your feet.


Athlete’s foot can be symptom-less and a lot of people may just think they have dry skin. However, it can cause a lot of itching and stinging between your toes and if it is untreated and progresses, you may begin to get blisters. It can also make your feet burn, especially on the soles and cause cracking of the skin. If it has progressed, it will begin to affect the toenails too and they will become discoloured and will pull away from the nail bed.