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Lung cancer

Lung cancer is the condition where abnormal cells grow on both of the lungs or just on one of them. These cells do not form healthy lung tissue, they divide and quickly begin to form tumours which will eventually prevent the lungs from supplying oxygen to the bloodstream. There are two types of lung cancer: Primary and secondary lung cancer. Primary lung cancer is when the cancer has begun in the lungs and secondary lung cancer is when there has been cancer in another part of your body and then spread to your lungs.
Smoking is hugely linked to lung cancer and it is believed to be the main reason and cause. For non-smokers, lung cancer can be caused by outside pollution and various chemicals, genetics also contribute especially if there has been a history of lung cancer in your family.


If you recognise the symptoms early on and get treated early on, this will stop the cancer from spreading and some early symptoms of it are coughing, chest pain, coughing up blood, unexplainable weight loss, shortness of breath, extreme tiredness or weakness and you will generally be more prone to other infections, such as colds, flu, pneumonia etc. If it isn’t recognised early and does not get treated as it progresses, you may experience other symptoms such as painful bones, headaches, jaundice and bumps on the skin.