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Angina Pectoris

“Angina Pectoris” is what the medical world calls the chest pains that come with coronary heart disease. The pain is the result of the heart not receiving the amount of blood it needs. A likely cause is a blockage of he arteries that take blood to the heart.
Not all chest pains are linked to heart disease. There are some symptoms that suggest that they are. These are lasting for a short duration at a time (say 5 minutes), episodes of pain tend to feel very similar, the same chest pain feeling extending to arms, back or other parts of the body even. One can also have a gassy feeling such as one gets with indigestion.
Exposure to hot or cold temperatures can make a person more prone to suffering from it. It is wise, if there is any hint of Angina Pectoris to avoid smoking, to eat a healthy diet and to take some form of daily exercise.
Some of the symptoms like shortness of breath will be particularly apparent when one is carrying out some form of exercise such as running. Blood may be able to pass through narrow arteries when one is sitting down, but struggle to do so when one needs more oxygen as when running.