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If someone is constipated, it means that they are having difficulty emptying their bowels. For some people it means that they are not able to go to the toilet as frequently as normal and for others it means hardened stools that they have difficulty passing, causing strain. In the medical world, constipation is classed as less than three bowel movements a week and severe constipation is classed as one bowel movement a week. There is acute constipation and chronic constipation.
Acute constipation may require immediate attention as it just suddenly occurs and there could be a more serious issue related to it. Chronic constipation is when someone has been suffering with it for a long period of time.
There are many factors associated with and causing constipation, such as, not drinking enough water on a daily basis, stress, hormones, pregnancy, IBS, too much dairy in your diet, not being active enough as well as neurological disorders or colon cancer.


As well as not being able to pass stools, people suffering with constipation may also experience bloating and stomach cramps. As the stools are hard, this may also cause anal bleeding and some people, despite being constipated may also experience diarrhoea.