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Spondylitis (from the Greek “spondylos” meaning “vertebra”) is an inflammation of the spine. It is also known as “Spondyloarthritis”. More broadly the name is used to describe a series of inflammatory conditions in different parts of the body. We have sub classifications such as Peripheral Spondyloarthritis which affects joints and tendons. We have Axial Spondyloarthritis, that can affect the pelvis and/or the back. There are several such sub classifications.
The cause of Spondylitis is not known but it can be observed that it is more prevalent with people who are obese or at least overweight, people who smoke or who drink a lot of alcohol, people who take insufficient exercise, people who already have some other kind of back problem.
Spondylitis is quite different from back pain that results from a physical injury to the spine. It rather comes from inflammation of the spinal joints.


Pain and stiffness anywhere from the neck down to the buttocks that lasts for more than three months.
A hunched back
Discomfort in the morning or after periods of inactivity that reduces when one starts to move
Loss of flexibility in the spine
Bony fusion (can severely disrupt normal daily activity)
Sometimes eye inflammation that can be painful