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Fatty liver

Fatty liver disease is when your liver has increased and you have abnormal amounts of fat. When there is too much fat, it makes it difficult for the liver to work properly. The main cause of this is heavy drinking but you can still suffer with this even if you are not a drinker. Fatty liver disease can be prevented and improves if you do not drink alcohol but if you continue to, it can result in more serious issues, such as alcoholic hepatitis (swelling of the liver that brings on nausea and vomiting as well as jaundice) and alcoholic cirrhosis (a build up of scar tissue that can bring on high blood pressure, internal bleeding, enlarged spleen and liver failure). If you are not a drinker, fatty liver disease can be brought on by type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels or metabolic syndrome.


Initially, fatty liver disease doesn’t have very noticeable symptoms and the only way you can really tell at the start if you have an enlarged liver is during a physical examination at the doctors. However, if it progresses and the liver becomes inflamed, it can cause stomach pains, general weakness, loss of appetite, confusion and tiredness.