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The spine is designed to be straight, but sometimes it curves to the side. This is Scoliosis. It usually happens before puberty as a child is growing. Scoliosis can follow cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. It can also result from injuries or infections to the spine, but generally the causes are not understood.
Usually Scoliosis remains mild, but it can become severe and disabling even leading to deformity. People can become quite self-conscious about it.
Children who develop mild scoliosis are generally monitored closely, sometimes with X-Rays, but treatment is not usually needed. Sometimes braces might be worn to prevent the condition from getting worse.
In bad cases of Scoliosis, there can be damage to the heart or to the lungs, chronic back pain can develop, and deformity can be marked. Ribs can be more prominent on one side of the body than on the other. In very bad cases the whole body can twist.


One shoulder blade can stick out more than the other.
Shoulders can be uneven.
One hip can be higher than the other.
The waist can be uneven.