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Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is also referred to as atopic eczema. It is a condition where the skin is inflamed and can result in itchiness, swelling and cracked skin. It is thought of as an allergic response. It is a very common problem in both children and adults. In children, the problem mainly affects the backs of the knees and the elbows and in adults, it mainly affects the hands and feet.
Atopic dermatitis can occur for many reasons. It is thought that people that live in cities or in dry areas will suffer with it more. Certain chemicals can affect the skin, there could be a dysfunction in the immune system, or it could run in the family. Stress is also a major factor, not the cause but it could worsen the condition and weather conditions have an impact on it too. Atopic dermatitis is also linked to hay fever.


Signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis include dry skin, severe itching which may be continuous and go on all day and night and swollen skin. Other symptoms included bumps on the skin that may weep if you scratch them too hard or red/brown patches on the skin especially on the hands, feet, scalp and eyelids.