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Panic disorder

Panic disorder is a condition where someone suffers regularly with unexpected panic attacks. It is a type of anxiety disorder and more likely to affect women than it is men. When someone is experiencing a panic attack, they feel extreme fear for no apparent reason. Panic attacks can occur very suddenly and unexpectedly at any time. There isn’t one particular reason to explain why panic attacks occur but some causes that can influence them and bring them on include, depression (a lot of people who suffer with depression can be prone to panic attacks), major stress in your life can provoke a panic attack, genetics (some people may have overly sensitive brains in responding to fear), temperament, heavy drinking or smoking and substance abuse. A lot of people may turn to alcohol or drugs to feel better, but these actually aggravate the situation.


If someone is suffering from a panic attack, there are many symptoms that they may experience, such as, a fear of death or loss of control, excessive sweating, shaking and trembling, nausea, stomach cramps, headaches, shortness of breath, a rapid, much faster heart rate than usual, hot flashes, numbness and a feeling of unreality amongst others.