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Cataracts are when your vision gets blurry or cloudy. It is a very common condition especially in older adults (the majority of cataracts are related to ageing) and can be easily treated. It is when the lens of your eye is cloudy and lighting is unable to pass through making it difficult to read, watch television or drive etc. The lens of our eye is made up of water and protein and when cataracts form, this means that some of the protein has built up in the lens, making it cloudy. Some of the causes of these are related to age or can be brought on by other medical conditions such as diabetes or from a trauma to the eye as well as certain medications. Other factors that contribute are air pollution, smoking and drinking.


Cataracts develop slowly so you may not even notice at the beginning until your vision begins to go cloudy or blurry as well as changing the way you see colour and having problems with glasses or contact lenses that you didn’t have before (they become less effective). Some people, as the cataracts form may have difficulties driving at night and can get double vision.