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A stroke is a very dangerous condition when the blood supply to some of your brain is interrupted or prevented resulting in the brain being deprived of oxygen. If the brain is deprived of oxygen, within minutes the brain cells begin to die. Prompt treatment if someone is having a stroke is crucial and essential. There are two types of stroke: Ischemic Stroke and Haemorrhagic Stroke.
An ischemic stroke is when blood clots form in the blood vessels in the brain and they block the blood flow to the brain.
A haemorrhagic stroke occurs when one of the blood vessels in the brain ruptures resulting in blood seeping into the brain tissue and damaging the brain cell.
Some causes of strokes can include uncontrolled high blood pressure, weak spots in the blood vessels, also known as aneurysms, obesity and being overweight plays a role, heavy drinking and substance abuse, high cholesterol and heart diseases and defects as well as a family history of strokes.


If someone feels like they are having a stroke, they may experience weakness or numbness in the face, arm and leg on just one side of the body, a severe headache, loss of balance as well as loss of vision and trouble trying to speak and even understand as well as walking problems.