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lumbago (Lower Back Pain)

Lumbago is lower back pain. Most people have experienced it at some time in their lives.
It is a rather generic term for undiagnosed pain in the lower back.
Axial pain is the most common type of Lumbago. Unlike other back conditions, this pain does not travel into other parts of the body such as legs and buttocks. However, Axial pain is not the only form of Lumbago.
It sometime gets worse with certain types of activity such as sport and sometimes it gets worse by sitting in the same position for long periods of time. Conversely, it usually improves with rest.
Lumbago can be mild or intense. It can be chronic, or it can occur briefly.
It can result from a strained muscle or from a degenerative disease such as Herniated disc, Sciatica, Spondylitis or Spinal Stenosis.


Pain from Lumbago can vary from a general ache or stiffness to sharp pain. It can be localised, or it can radiate into the buttocks, the groin or thighs. Muscle spasms can sometimes be experienced. Sometimes it can be hard to bend forward or to lean back.
If any of these symptoms are suffered for any great length of time, an osteopath or chiropractor should be consulted.