Restless Leg Syndrome at 18 years old with no family history

Today I was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome at the age of 18 years old with no family history of it. What it makes it difficult is that I am 18 and this is my last year of high school and I cannot go on anymore and want to drop out and deal with my life and not do AP and College homework anymore because I can barely sit down without needing to move and wiggle my legs after 20 seconds…. I use to be an energetic outgoing student who made decent grades and loved life to the fullest. I use to go home and take naps that were 5 hours long and refresh my mind. Now these past 2 months I can barely sleep without waking up to my legs shaking. I remember how it started It was just a fully body spasm that would wake me up as I drifted to sleep now its to the point where If I sit down or even lay down my legs need to move. Never in my life have I ever been down like this before and I am depressed out of my mind. Its days like these that make me wish for my old life back, I thought life was boring and that now I believe the opposite, Life is great without chronic annoyance affecting your everyday life. Everyday I come home from school and think about how when I grow up this is gonna worsen and I would have to take medication for the rest of my life and then when I retire from work I can’t lay down in my bed and relax anymore and sit down and watch T.V. I do not know what to do anymore and don’t know If I can go on like this.