PLEA to New Members

PLEASE I am asking for all new members to read our Forum Rules BEFORE making that first discussion or comment.

Just this week, I have had to address over 70 new attempted discussions and comments because in one area or another they violated forum rules.

The biggest rules that are violated are:

  1. Naming of specific doctors, providing the name of medical institutes or pointing to another medical forum web site for information and/or solicitation.
  2. Attempting to post external URL  You need to have prior approval to post any external URL.
  3. Adding your personal email address.   While that is not a violation, it is not recommended.  All discussions are public knowledge and your email address can easily be found.
  4. Asking or Providing medical advice.
  5. Submitting two,three, four, five and some 8 copies of their new discussion because theydid not see it   This adds to the queue, and the volunteer team only has so many hours to work on items like this.  I would much rather see them spending time helping other members instead of correcting problems.

But considering everything, this is still a small percentage of t he number of new members we are getting daily.  Just in the month of February, we saw almost 800 new members join Spine-Health!  That is an outstanding number.

Once you better understand the  Forum Rules and have read through our FAQ it will be much easier to make new discussions and contribute to this site.  Then you will be able to realize all that is available to you on this site.

I have told all new members and I will mention this again, if you are in doubt of have questions, please send me a Private message or email me at

We want to make your time here on Spine-Health to be very productive.   We have over 65,000 internationall members that are benefitting not only from this forum side of the site, but from the detailed medical articles and videos that cover almost every topic about the Spine.